Sustainability Commitment

Everyday we learn new ways to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. We aren't experts, but our team is committed to being transparent with you. This includes sharing our achievements to date and new initiatives underway - as well as, our failures, and explaining what we’re doing to put them right. There are 4 corners in our journey towards achieving greater sustainability:

  • Components 
  • Process
  • Culture 
  • Ethos

See below for further details on how we are working to 'close the loop' across our business.

COMPONENTS: The parts used to make our products:

    • Wax - We use 100% eco-soy wax, this comes in a flake form. The wax is derived from the husk of soy beans which would otherwise be wasted. We have a commitment from our suppliers to ensure the farming of the soy beans is fully sustainable. 
    • Wicks - Our wicks are 100% cotton, we do not add any bleach or dye. In 2021 we began fixing the wicks to the base of the containers because of potential movement - we use a non-toxic glue which is derived from natural and renewable materials. 
    • Fragrance - Currently 3 of our candles contain all natural ingredients. We've shared the full details under the 'Our Scents' tab above so that you can make an informed decision about what to burn. All of our oils are Animal Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly.
    • Containers - All glass containers are fully recyclable with the labelling removed. We are also happy to receive the glass container back and as long as it is in good condition we can re-use it. Our tins are fully recyclable with the labelling removed, unfortunately we can't receive these back to re-use them. Our tea-lights are made from Polycarbonate which is not flammable - we are reviewing other potential approaches to this medium, such as a refillable tea-light holder. We'll share more information as available! 
      • Labelling - We have made our labels easier to remove so that you can recycle your containers. However we are continuing to review the materials used to see if we could improve their sustainability (one avenue we are exploring is a new marble based label - we will share more information as we have it!) The adhesive on all our labels is biodegradable so you can put the paper labels into the paper recycling and plastic labels into you plastic recycling. 
      • Packaging - All paper and boxes are FSC. Since February 2022 we began trialling a wood wool to pack our shipments, This is an all-natural free fill packaging material that's both biodegradable and Eco friendly. The wood wool comes from managed forests, where our suppliers are able to maintain the wellness of the woods as they go through a vital procedure for thinning it. The gathered pine and spruce wood is made into wood wool. This natural material is safe to use and has PEFC and FSC certification. Read an article from our supplier here: Link
        PROCESS: The way we source, produce and distribute our products.
            • We are working to source larger batches of all components so that our deliveries are monthly and not weekly.
            • We produce medium to large batches of candles in one time so that the wax melter isn't running for a few candles. We also don't melt more wax than we need at any one time. 
            • We offer a 'Free local delivery' services for a specific radius (see website header). We deliver on a Wednesday and a Saturday so that we can complete a circuit of deliveries and not single deliveries - wherever possible. 
            • It's great when we provide stock to a shop that is willing to receive your glass containers back - as much as possible we champion this. 
            • Since 2019 we have sourced unique and beautiful tea-cups that can be refilled! We simply send you a refill candle to drop into the clean tea-cup. We have limited stock - so if you would like one it is best to contact us to find out what designs we have or to be put on the wait list:
            • Other things we have in progress: Refill bottles for our reed diffusers and a simpler 'drop box' style component 'return for re-use' process. 
            CULTURE: How we treat those involved in every aspect of our product creation.
              • A sustainable lifestyle means more to us than simply recycling and sourcing eco-friendly components (of course both are important aspects!) - it's about ensuring how we treat people is kind, respectful and empathetic. No matter what part of this insane universe you inhabit...we all deserve to experience kindness, respectfulness, and to be given empathy. 
              • As a small business we enlist part time help to produce our products as the demand requires. This is particularly needed from August - December. We also need help selling at events and distributing stock to stores. If you feel our culture is a good fit, are looking for part time work and live in the Sussex or Surrey area, feel free to reach out: > if we don't have anything at the moment, we will ask to keep you on record for when things kick off! 

                  ETHOS: What we stand for, what our goals are, and what actions we are taking to improve the lifecycle of our products. 

                  • Act with kindness and show respect - that's our motto...and this goes for how we treat all of our neighbours (both human and animal)! We're passionate about supporting the following charitable and environmental causes:
                  • Horsham Matters - this is a local charity that aims to relieve hardship through the provision of essential services (food, fuel and shelter) in order to make a positive, long-lasting impact on people's lives. In December 2021 we ran our first charitable initiative to raise awareness and funds for this local cause. As of 22nd December 2023 we had raised £337 for this great charity. Let's see if we can take that to £500 in 2024!
                    • Ecologi - A platform for collective climate change. Ecologi is enabling us to lower our impact on the planet by planting and running cutting edge initiatives with the funds we contribute on a monthly basis. Visiting Kenya in October 2022, we saw first hand the impact climate change is having on the animal population in the Masai Mara (read this study for more information). As of 22nd December 2023 our contribution had delivered 217 trees internationally and has contributed to the funding of 29 projects. We know that every tree and every positive action to reduce our environmental footprint is important. We'll keep you updated on what we are able to achieve through 2024!

                    • Planet - Shopify has helped ensure we offer carbon-neutral shipping on all our online orders. The Planet initiative is another way we can work to be carbon neutral. You will see this confirmed at the transaction page each time.

                    Please sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed on our progress and further updates throughout the coming year. KimmyB -x-