Fragrance Library

What's your favourite fragrance genre? Our fragrances have been carefully crafted to achieve the right balance of romance and drama, travel and history...providing divine scent without over-powering. Find the details behind each of our fragrance creations below.

Fragrance Genre Our Scents Availability

Top Notes ~ This is the leading scent, the first you will notice.

Mid or Heart Notes ~ These appear after the top note and form the main body of the scent.

Base Notes ~ The long-lasting scent you remember. These mix with middle notes to add depth and are often chosen for their warmth or earthiness.

"Romance" L'amour All Year Hyacinth (Essential Oil)

Bergamot (Essential Oil), Rose Hip (Essential Oil)

"Non-Fiction" Turning Tide All Year Citrus (Essential Oil) Seaweed Absolute (Essential Oil), Kelp and Sea Salt (Natural) Amber (Essential Oil)
"Fantasy" Wild Damson All Year Dark Fruits (Natural) 

Patchouli (Essential Oil)

"Family Saga" Lavender and Clary Sage All Year English Lavender (Essential Oil) 

Clary Sage (Essential Oil)



Shea Bliss

All Year

Jasmine (Essential Oil)

Bergamot (Essential Oil), Coconut, Vanilla

Natural Shea Extract (from the kernel of Vitellaria paradoxa fruit), Almond Extract (Essential Oil)

Autumn/Winter Collection:


Festive Spice

September - January

Orange (Essential Oil)

Cinnamon (Essential Oil), Nutmeg (Essential Oil)

Amber (Essential Oil), Sandalwood (Essential Oil) 

Winter Gem

September - January

Eucalyptus (Essential Oil) 


Spruce (Essential Oil)
Amber (Essential Oil), Sandalwood (Essential Oil)