January Deserves Plans

Got the January blues? We got a couple of suggestions that don't cost anything:

Think about what makes your life fortunate for 30 seconds a day. Even when you feel like things are at rock bottom, it may remind you it won't always be this way! Things will get better again.

Go get immersed in nature - you must have a park or a woodland walk near you? Ok, the farmers market will do - just get out, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the excitement and newness of Spring. 

We also find planning/plotting/scheming the best cure for those January blues! Whether it's planning a wedding, a trip, a business, a renovation .... whatever it is, planning requires you to look forward and make tangible and achievable goals for your future.  

And finally burn your natural soy candle that you purchased from KimmyB® Everyday Luxuries...bliss! :)

Over and Out, Kim (aka KimmyB!)

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Jan 12, 2019