Happy New Year from KimmyB!

It’s been a while since my last blog and it’s funny how it’s always in January that you finally have the time for some introspection…

My name is Kim Billings and I am the founder of 'KimmyB Everyday Luxuries' based in Horsham, Sussex. My business started primarily because I craved a creative outlet and had a passion for home fragrance and accessories.

Having finally stepped onto the property ladder, I wanted to make my flat feel cosy and welcoming. I was given several lovely candles when I moved in but was disappointed with the waste and poor scent throw - even the high-end / well-known brands! With my newfound space and autonomy I started to experiment with making my own candles. I did further research and was shocked to learn about the negative impact of Paraffin on the environment and even more surprised by the number of well-known brands still using it. I trialled different vegetable and mineral waxes to find the cleanest burn, the least waste and the best scent throw. After many a costly attempt, I landed on eco-soy wax. I found soy to be the most effective in all 3 of these areas and I liked the fact it was a by-product - meaning it would otherwise go to waste. 

My business began in 2017, in 2018 I went about a full scale branding exercise and this put me in a good position to approach independent stores. Things had progressed well by the end of 2018 but then COvid-19 struck and like most businesses my plans had to be pretty much put on hold. Online sales went up, but not being able to meet customers and provide stock to shops had a big impact on my revenue target. I’m pleased to say having ridden through 2019 and 2020, the past year was heaps better, with wholesale orders beginning to flow and events kicking off! 

I was given an awesome planner by a friend last year and took the time to populate it over Christmas. It really allowed me to think about what matters to me, what I want to achieve and why. 

So watch out 22 - I’m grabbing you by the horns!! :)

KimmyB -x-

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Jan 06, 2022