February Update

We've been our usual busy ... take a look at our events page ... it's beginning to take shape! We now have 4 events confirmed through 2020, and a few others to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

We are trying some new events so as to introduce our range to a larger/different audience. Equally we can't miss out on The Weald and Downland Living museum Christmas Fair - where we look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces!

If you are coming to any of our planned events, please feel free to contact us to put stock aside for you. Also if you have purchased a tea cup from us in the past and would like it re-filled drop us a line, we will ask you to send it to us and can refill it and either return via post or bring it to one of the events for you to collect. The charge is £5 to refill our special footed tea cups - plus the cost of our return postage (£3) - postage won't be charged if you are able to collect! Email us for more details:


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Feb 14, 2020