Replacement Fragrance Diffuser Oil

Replacement Fragrance Diffuser Oil
You can now purchase Replacement Oil for our Fragrance Diffusers. If you keep your original Flower diffuser in a cool and dry place - you should find you can re-use the flower a further time through (using the same fragrance oil of course!) After 2 bottles/uses the flower will become saturated and it is best to start a fresh. 
Product Specification:
* 100ml Diffuser Oil - lasts approximately 4 - 6 months with our Flower diffuser
* Available in all 5 of our signature fragrances, choose below
* Contains a combination of essential and carefully selected fragrance oils
* Despatched in a high quality fabric pouch
* Full directions, ingredients and safety information can be found on the base
Refer to our FAQ's section for more information
Returns and shipping policy can be found on site footer

Important: Protect your surface with a coaster and aways keep away from fabric. Diffuser will last longer if stored away from a radiator or direct sunlight.


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