Our Scents

Our candles and melts are made with 100% eco-friendly soy wax. When we started out in 2017 it took us a year to develop our signature scents. They where chosen because of their uncomplicated depth; whilst giving an excellent scent throw they are not over-powering or strong. With a combination of carefully selected natural and essential oils we delivered on this goal, whilst also ensuring the highest possible quality and sustainability. See link below to order samples before you buy!

KimmyB Scent Name Top Note Mid Tone Base Note
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This is the leading scent, the first you will notice

This may be that scent you can't quite put your finger on but know it's there!

This brings the top and mid notes together, usually a warming undertone

L'amour Hyacinth (Essential Oil) Bergamot (Essential Oil), Rose Hip (Essential Oil) Vanilla 
Turning Tide Citrus (Lemon) (Essential Oil) Seaweed Absolute (Essential Oil), Sea Salt, Kelp Amber (Essential Oil)
Wild Damson Dark Fruits (Damson, Plum) 

Patchouli (Essential Oil)

Lavender & Clary Sage English Lavender (Essential Oil) 

Clary Sage (Essential Oil)


Festive Spice -

Available Sept to Feb Only

Orange (Essential Oil)

Cinnamon (Essential Oil), Nutmeg (Essential Oil)

Amber (Essential Oil), Sandalwood (Essential Oil) 

Winter Gem -

Available Sept to Feb Only

Euculyptus (Essential Oil)  Spruce (Essential Oil)
Amber (Essential Oil), Sandalwood (Essential Oil)