KimmyB® Starter Pack A/W - 1

KimmyB® Starter Pack A/W - 1

Our #1 Starter Pack is the perfect way to become a KimmyB® Stockist! The pack contains 10 of each of our best selling products, including candles from the new A/W range. Contains a total of 280 individual product units, see list of items below. On top of the competitive wholesale pricing already offered - we have applied a further 5% reduction to this Starter pack, this is the total shown below. Our starter pack is only available to first time customers. After that we'd love to understand more about your store and what sells so we can tailor your package and discounts accordingly.

Products Included:

  • Flower Fragrance Diffusers x 10 of 5 signature fragrances (RRP £32, Total Units: 50)
  • Rosie Tea Cups x 10 (RRP £24)
  • Lennie Tea Cups x 10 (RRP £24)
  • Candle Refills for Tea Cups (35hrs)  x 10 of 7 fragrances (RRP £12, Total Units: 70)
  • Luxury Boxed Glass Candle (45hrs+) x  10 of 7 fragrances (RRP £24, Total Units: 70)
  • Candle Tins (20hrs) x 10 of 7 fragrances (RRP £11, Total Units: 70)

Total units included in this pack - 280 Units - see below Wholesale price for pack including an additional 5% 'Starter Pack' reduction. You will receive our standard POS items to help you display the products in a clear and inviting way. 


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