Just Citronella - 2 Wick Glass Jar with Lid

Just Citronella - 2 Wick Glass Jar with Lid
Just Citronella - Contains naturally occurring Citronella Oil to help repel flying insects. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This large glass candle is an effective repellent for approximately a 4 metre radius. KimmyB® candles contain 100% eco-soy wax and are all hand made in Sussex, England. No added bleach or dye means the wax has a natural variance in shade. 
Product Specification:
* Burn time: 100 hours + 
* Volume: 60cl / 600 ml 
* 100% pure eco-soy wax 
* Pure cotton wicks
* Natural Citronella oil
* Vegan friendly and paraben free 
* Supplied in a re-usable storage jar
Shipping & Returns Policy: 
All shipments are sent via standard UK post (delivering within 5 - 7 business days). If you wish to order outside of the UK please contact us directly. Please visit our terms and conditions for details on our returns policy. Also check out our FAQ's for more information on caring for your product.


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